Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Recreational boats using AIS by country

again, using code 36 and 37 of the AIS classification, we have compiled a table of the number of recreational boats (sailboats and powerboats) currently using AIS. This is based on a sample of approximately 4000 AIS MMSIs  reported in the period June-November 2013.

Country Sailboats Powerboats Total
Australia 15 18 33
Belgium 15 12 27
Bermuda 3 21 24
British Virgin Islands 8 28 36
Canada 23 28 51
Cayman Islands 43 482 525
China (People's Republic of) 28 146 174
Denmark 25 31 56
Finland 20 9 29
France 21 7 28
Germany (Federal Republic of) 105 34 139
Gibraltar 3 10 13
Greece 7 28 35
Iran (Islamic Republic of) 3 12 15
Italy 13 22 35
Japan 11 3 14
Korea (Republic of) 8 50 58
Luxembourg 3 10 13
Madeira (Portuguese isles of) 1 10 11
Malta 23 76 99
Marshall Islands (Republic of the) 13 107 120
Netherlands (Kingdom of the) 155 525 680
Norway 45 36 81
Panama (Republic of) 15 16 31
Russian Federation 8 8 16
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 6 27 33
Singapore (Republic of) 19 1 20
Spain 23 14 37
Sweden 32 20 52
United Arab Emirates 5 14 19
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 256 257 513
United States of America 207 477 684
Vietnam  (Socialist Republic of) 6 4 10
Other 92 97 189
Total 1260 2640 3900


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