Friday, January 2, 2015

Over 290 destinations added in the Philippines✓&commit=Search+by+region&country_code=PH&state_code=ALL&selected_types=0%2C1%2C2%2C3%2C4%2C5%2C6%2C7%2C8%2C9%2C19%2C&selected_boat_types=
Our user-sourced database of sailing destinations is growing at an amazing rate, thanks to daily submission by users all over the world.

We wanted to thank Terry Sargent, on VALHALLA  for a mass-contribution of over 290 destinations (including 50 typhoon holes) recently added to the Philippines.

Judging by the some of the photos, these are truly some of the most stunning anchorages in the world. The submission makes Terry our largest contributor in 2014.

Many thanks to him and all the other users who have contributed to making sSquiddio the largest open-source repository of sailing destinations in the world!

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