Monday, June 25, 2018

sQuiddio introduces new APIs

We just released a brand new set of Application Programming Interface (API) endpoints.

The new APIs are aimed at mobile or web application developers who need access to a our real time, global feed of GPS position updates and other navigational data generated by thousands of boats through their AIS transponders, SPOT devices or the OpenCPN plugin.

For instance, using the API, a charter company can better manage a fleet of charter yachts through their own in-house web application to monitor each yacht's position in real time, be notified when a yacht checks in at a particular destination etc. Or a marina can monitor all the boats in the departing nearby anchorages and marinas.

The new endpoints build on the same API that powers the sQuiddio plugin for OpenCPN, and enhance that functionality by enabling developers to:
  • Obtain list of boats within range of a POI, or of another vessel
  • Obtain the full profile of a vessel, including make and model, contact information, LOA, draft, last reported position etc.
  • Obtain the most recent position reports of a Vessel or the entire set of vessels in a Follow list.

The APIs follow the widely adopted REST standard and rely on the JSON data exchange format, through a standard endpoint taxonomy that provides read and write operations on vessels, points of interest and users.

Test the app yourself with the online interactive API test bench. Or check out our Wiki page for documentation.

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